martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Access a MySQL DB from an outside SQL Manager

To connect to remote instance of MySQL you have to modify existing user or create new user and have that user permission to access instance from some IP (more better could be to have just some IP range). This can be using phpMyAdmin UI. Just go to "Privileges" option and select "edit privileges" for any user you want to use for remote access. And then into "Change Login Information / Copy User" section select "Use Text Field" from dropdown list for HOST settings and add IP (or IP range using wild cards % and _ ) for example in my case I used 192.168.%.% IP range because I was accessing machine on local network.


Once that setting is changed, all I had to do was to allow port 3306 in firewall and I was able to connect to that remote instance of MySQL using MySQL Workbench without any issue.


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