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Get old Gnome look back in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu is one of the very popular distribution among Linux family. In the past years, so many new distribution were introduced in the market but only one operating system takes lead over Ubuntu that is Linux mint. But still Ubuntu is the base because Linux mint is Ubuntu based operating system whose  goal is to provide the all usable browser plugins, media codecs, java and other components. A new look of Ubuntu is very awesome  but sometimes it becomes problematic for few users who doesn't have the sufficient video memory to deal with heavy graphical environment. So today's article is based on the solution of this problem, or you can get back old Gnome look in Ubuntu. Most of the people prefer Gnome Desktop because it utilize less memory as well as provides better performance than KDE. But then also both are the different because they both have some unique features.

Before telling more about this i want to show you the new look of Ubuntu which is awesome but it utilizes more graphics memory

ubuntu new look Get old Gnome look back in Ubuntu 12.10

Now get ready to revert your old look back in Ubuntu. Just follow the below steps and get the solution of  your problem 

First of all open the terminal and update the apt repository by executing the following command. You must have internet connection for solving this issue.

ubuntu apt update Get old Gnome look back in Ubuntu 12.10


After that you have to install a package that is "Gnome-session-fallback". For installing the package just follow the below command.

ubuntu session Get old Gnome look back in Ubuntu 12.10

Wait until the installation of the package, after that just close the terminal and log-out the system from right top menu.

Now you will find the log in screen of Ubuntu which will ask you for entering your password, before this you have to choose the desktop environment for getting the old gnome look so, just follow the below images and then enter the password.

ubuntu integrated Get old Gnome look back in Ubuntu 12.10

After log in with your username and password you will find the Gnome old look in your Ubuntu 12.10 and downgraded version.

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