jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Installing Office Scan with Client Packager

Client Packager can compress Setup and update files into a self-extracting file, which you can then send to users using conventional media such as CD-ROM. When users receive the package, all they have to do is run the Setup program on the client computer.Client Packager is especially useful when deploying the client program or components to clients in low-bandwidth remote offices. OfficeScan clients you install using Client Packager report to the server where the Setup package was created.


Client Packager requires the following:

•      350MB free disk space

•      Windows Installer 2.0 (to run an MSI package)


To create a package using Client Packager:


1.    On the OfficeScan server computer, browse to <Server installation


2.    Double-click ClnPack.exe to run the tool. The Client Packager console opens.

3.    Select the type of package you want to create.

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